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Archive for September 2008

The Unfinished Swan

September 30, 2008

Well, not really as creepy as the pictures make it look. But the video suggests that there are going to be creepy elements to the game. Basically, you are in some place colored completely white (or black), and can’t see. So you use black (or white) paint to color the place so you can see. […]


September 29, 2008

This looks really awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I’m getting tired of thinking things are awesome. Seriously.. in every post it seems I think something is awesome.. Anyways, back on topic. CamSpace is a program that takes advantage of your webcam, and lets you use any old object (even a banana) to control your […]

Source Recorder

September 24, 2008

Recording demos is done by opening the console in TF2 (or CS:S, HL2DM, HL2, etc.) and typing ‘record ***’, where the *** is replaced with whatever you want to name the demo. To stop recording, simply type ‘stop’ in console. You can then start the demo with ‘playdemo ***’. Here is a much more advanced […]

HL2DM free with NVIDIA

September 22, 2008

As the title says, if you are an NVIDIA customer, you get HL2DM free. You also get a demo of Portal, HL2: lost coast, and Peggle Extreme. Now, to me, HL2DM is the most exciting. After all, it is a multiplayer game with custom maps and gamemodes. There are co-op maps, puzzle maps, and hundreds […]

Surfing in CS:S

September 17, 2008

After doing a post involving CS:S yesterday, I thought I should talk a little bit more about it. However, I don’t really know how to play the game well. I do know how to surf though, so I guess I’ll talk about that. Incredibly, I cannot find a single surf video on youtube that I […]

Counter-Strike for kids!

September 16, 2008

Lol. I also noticed that one of the models for the grenades was kirby. I just thought that was interesting.

World of Goo

September 15, 2008

This game looks freakin’ awesome. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it already check out some of the videos. It’s not released yet, but it’ll be out soon enough. It’s blog says that they’re going to (hopefully) submit it to nintendo for approval sometime this month. Here’s a video: I can’t wait until this is released..

Top 10 games so far

September 9, 2008

Here is a little list I made of the top games i’ve done posts about, I hope you like all of them (or at least the free ones 😛 ). I’ll start from #10. #10 – Tri-Achnid This is a great little web-game which i’ve played a good 10 times over so far. The controls […]

Evolution SHMUP

September 8, 2008

This is a little old, and the creator has made more games since this, but I still love this game enough to post it anyways. Evolution SHMUP is a game where none of the enemies are exactly the same (err, at least, it’s very unlikely). Every time you play the game, the enemies are created […]

Garrysmod- more stuff

September 5, 2008

Yuss, more stuff from Gmod. I’ll talk more about the different gamemodes here, seeing as how I just listed some in the previous post. First off, there’s sandbox, which I was focusing on last post. You build shit, and then build more shit, and then maybe make a zombie disco room or something. Then there’s […]