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Garrysmod- more stuff

Yuss, more stuff from Gmod.

I’ll talk more about the different gamemodes here, seeing as how I just listed some in the previous post.

First off, there’s sandbox, which I was focusing on last post. You build shit, and then build more shit, and then maybe make a zombie disco room or something.

Then there’s spacebuild.

Now this is interesting. The maps are GIGANTIC, and while it’s really very hard, it’s an extremely fun gamemode. First off, you start out on ‘earth’ and are supposed to build a spaceship, which must have several things that allow you to survive while you’re on it (mostly air, hurr). Then, after building absolutely everything you need on the spaceship, including placing thrusters and stuff so you can move, you go out into space! Then you go to other planets, and try to survive on them (by placing the same stuff you put on your spaceship on the planets).

There is also RP (roleplay) which is either really stupid or awesome depending on how you look at it.

Now, I play this gamemode occasionally. There are good servers, and then bad ones. The good servers generally have a custom script, and usually bad ones just use ‘darkRP’. I’m only going to be talking about the ‘good’ RP servers.

Now, with that out of the way, I should really tell you what you do exactly. It’s kind of hard to explain.. but It’s been compared to a never ending movie. The players are actors, and the admins are directors. So basically, you pretend to be someone, and the ‘script’ for the ‘movie’ is just kind of made up as you go along. Sometimes really exciting things happen, for example, you might join some group of rebels and start shooting cops and stuff. If you do something stupid however, like spawning props randomly and dropping them on people’s heads, the ‘directors’ will ban you.

There is one dedicated server running an awesome gamemode that lets you play the HL2 campaign with other people. I have no idea why it’s not more popular, anyone can download the gamemode. Only problem with it is that it’s a bit buggy, it’s not too uncommon for the server running it to crash and start the game all over again. If an admin is on it however, he can just switch the map, fix whatever is causing the problem, or skip a map.


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