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Source Recorder

Recording demos is done by opening the console in TF2 (or CS:S, HL2DM, HL2, etc.) and typing ‘record ***’, where the *** is replaced with whatever you want to name the demo. To stop recording, simply type ‘stop’ in console. You can then start the demo with ‘playdemo ***’. Here is a much more advanced explanation of all of the features of the source recorder, and here is a less confusing tutorial with a video.

I’ve been learning how to mess with source recorder and some smoothing stuff, but realised a while ago that I can’t really do any cool camera effects on myself.  Apparently when you go into the ‘drive’ mode, you move yourself in the demo, not a separate entity.

Which sucks.

If I manage to get a friend to record the demo, and get him to send it to me, I could use that to record myself. However, that would require a friend who can record stuff. Which I don’t usually have when what I want to record is happening.

Anyways, if you want to see what can be made with this, there is some great machinima on youtube, a couple of my favorite are Civil Protection and Freeman’s Mind.


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