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Archive for February 2009

lol bonk again

February 26, 2009

So, the scout update is released, and I got and played with all the weapons. What was I right about? Well, I got the basic idea of all of the weapons right. I also was right that the sandman is fairly hard to aim with, and knew it would end up being the most controversial. […]

lol bonk

February 24, 2009

Yes, It’s time to mention the scout update. Although it’s obviously no surprise by now that it’s being released (although valve does seem to have trouble releasing things sometimes), I thought I would take the time to discuss the weapons, maps, and what I assume to be the last item to be announced. So, let’s […]

Noby Noby Boy

February 23, 2009

Well, then. I think we’re all tired of katamari damacy (or maybe not, but would at least like to see a new game from the same guy). So there’s Noby Noby Boy now! WTF? This is even more confusing than katamari… If there’s even any sort of story behind this, I wouldn’t know how to […]

GMod Tower!

February 17, 2009

This is an upcoming gamemode for Garrysmod. Because I have (sadly) grown bored of sandbox, I’ve been reduced to waiting for this to come out. Well, that and playing the ‘Deathrun’ gamemode. (Google it if you have no idea what it is.) So, what is this magical ‘GMod Tower’, you may be asking? Simple! GMod […]

Escape from City 17: Part One

February 13, 2009

It’s a fan-made movie based in the HL2 world! This is by far the best short movie ever. .. At least the best based on the HL series .. Now, I’m going to post the video on the blog, but I SERIOUSLY recommend watching it on youtube in high quality. Like I said, this is […]


February 11, 2009

Alrighty, this is somewhat different than my normal posts, but I find it to be a great timewaster. Creepy.. So, the idea is that you have to solve a bunch of puzzles. However, it (very quickly) becomes obvious that the puzzles aren’t easy. I’m not talking about puzzles you would see in HL2, or even […]


February 6, 2009

It’s just a simple browser game. I thought it was cool enough to post, so I did just now. Yup. Anyways, all you have to do is use the arrow keys and space to jetpack around, collecting delicious fruit and stuff. >>RocketBeltRawr<< In other news, Vertigo hasn’t made any progress, Metanet posted what WOULDN’T be […]

More Spewer

February 5, 2009

Still searching for the tank game, and hoping It’s still at least slightly active if it’s even up anymore. Meanwhile, however, that little game ‘Spewer’ is updating little by little. There is now gold (‘acid’) puke, which can melt a certain type of block you can place in the editor. For now that’s all the […]


February 3, 2009

Globulos is a game based on strategy, and pushing around little balls with cute faces on them. Video pretty much says it all. There are a bunch of different gamemodes, each with different objectives. It’s online, free, and fun. Could you really ask for more? This game really reminds me of something I used to […]