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Robotology – Walking Test video

There hasn’t really been a ton of new media on Robotology at all, but there has been another walking test demo, which I feel is worthy of posting. Why is a test demo worthy of posting? See for yourself!:

Those bots all have a walking animation which isn’t controlled by any kind of AI, so if the little ‘bots’ run into a wall or encounter any kind of obstacle, they’ll just keep running. Which means there’s definitely a lot these guys are changing about them. (the video was posted a month ago, and they apparently have been working their asses off to get something playable completed, so I have no idea what kind of progress has been made recently.) Still though, even considering that these puppets don’t have any clue where they are or what they’re doing, they still look incredible, and a game including a bunch of these things as AI controlled enemies sounds awesome.

If you don’t know what Robotology is at all, you should definitely head over to Metanet’s blog, they’re the guys who created N and N+, and they write such incredible posts, even if they don’t post often enough sometimes.

Also, I just realized what this video reminded me of: the AI in Cortex Command. I wonder what they’ve updated over there recently..

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