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Attack of the 50ft Robot!

It’s a pretty cool little game with a look based off of 1950 B movies. Really, the name tells you nearly everything about it already. You play as a 50 foot tall robot and you destroy a city. There are buildings you have to target, and near the end you have to fight aliens. There are tanks and helicopters which try to stop you, and you can deal with them using lasers or by throwing things. It’s pretty cool. >>Here’s<< the site.

In other news, if you don’t already know, you can play the L4D2 demo for free on steam. It includes 2 chapters of one campaign, which really isn’t a bunch of gameplay, but it’s still something. There is also a little plugin which you can download to enable Versus mode. I know there’s at least one dedicated server running it, though, so if you can find that you can just play it there. It’s pretty fun, and honestly I can’t find any problems with the new Special Infected, although the Special common infected (at least, the riot suited one) are surprisingly hard to deal with. Playing each new SI in versus is fun, and each has their own strategy. For chargers, it’s pretty simple, knock as many people over and get the player you’re charging at as far away from the others as possible. This means charging just as players are about to exit a long corridor, or about to exit a large open space. You can distance your victim from the other players and do the most damage before they find him this way. Spitters are easy to get used to, the trick is to wait for an opportunity. Either wait for a horde to attack the players, wait for a hunter to pounce somebody, or best of all, wait for somebody to become incapacitated. When any of these happens, you can easily do a ton of damage by spitting on the area where all of the players are gathered to fight off the horde, or by spitting on top of the incapacitated player while they’re helping him up. Jockeys are slightly harder, my favorite strategy is to pounce once the team is busy with something, and lead the victim anywhere that would force his teammates to move. The best place to do this is at the beginning of the siren-tower event in the second chapter. Simply jump on the last person to exit the trailer, and pull him backwards, away from the group. Occasionally the other players will just forget him entirely and run off on their own to deactivate the alarm. The other special infected use pretty much the exact same strategies as they did in L4D1.

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  2. This is my favourite game!

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