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There is no download available right now for this game, but Quanta is another puzzle game based on bending various laws of physics.

As you can clearly see in the video, there are quite a few different triggers, buttons, hazards, and gravity-defying bullets. Over all, the concept is pretty cool, and I have a bit of faith in the developer to make this look nice, and develop some promising traps/detectors/emitters. Only thing I’m worried about is the level design, which I haven’t really seen much of. Unless he thinks up smart and original ways to use those traps/detectors/emitters, and tries to think past their obvious uses, the game could still end up boring. Take the gas for example: Sure, it works as floating particles you can move around by altering gravity, but after a single level of it, the player wouldn’t even have to think any more. As painfully obvious as it may sound, expanding on the idea is necessary in order to keep the game fresh. For example, there could be a light detector along with a swinging light, that, when activated, emits gas for as long as the light is shining on it’s detector. Once the light moves out of the way, which would be necessary to push the gas around, it would stop emitting. I’m not saying the developer doesn’t know to change his puzzles up, but it seems that kind of problem is one of the main reasons some puzzle games fail. Instead of expanding on the idea behind the puzzle itself, they just use the exact same trick you learned earlier, and add a spike pit in the middle.

>>Here’s<< the dev blog for the game, and >>Here<< is it’s IGF page.

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