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TF2 – Post Halloween Review

TF2 updated for halloween over the weekend, if you didn’t already know. Even though pretty much all of the content is going away, (most of the update was just an event for the holiday weekend itself) there are still a couple of cool things left over.

First of all, though, I’ll just explain the temporary stuff. Mainly this was the new community map koth_harvest’s event map. This came with 5 new achievements, regenerating exploding pumpkins, ghosts, and packs of candy to replace the models for health. Overall, the goal was still the same, though. Except that ghosts would be able to appear randomly and turn off lights, and if they exploded near you, you would be scared and unable to attack for a short period of time. Exploding pumpkins are exactly that, if an enemy wanders too close to one, you can shoot the pumpkin and the resulting explosion would damage or kill him. Occasionally, killing an enemy would drop a little bucket of candy, which would give you crits for a few seconds. Finally, there were new hats, one is a paper bag (mildly disturbing halloween mask), the other an old top-hat (ghastly gibus). Oh, and taunting as any class with any weapon would often make you do a little thriller dance.

Now, the stuff that’s staying. Besides a small change to sawmill, and the addition of harvest, there really isn’t much being added to the game itself (although the ghastly gibus might stay). What I’m really excited about, once again, are the secret pages that were contained in the update page. One of them contained the will of Zepheniah Mann, who’s ghost is the one haunting harvest, and another contained a family portrait (complete with aforementioned owner of the ghost). That first page containing the will can be found >>here<<, and it contains huge clues about the history of the game. From what I can tell, Zepheniah’s sons brought him over to a continent filled with what they thought to be gravel, but which turned out to be sand. Zepheniah’s trip ended up killing him, and his will gives out a ton of information. First of all, he says he will haunt any foul-smelling uneducated simpletons who use any weapon near his grave. Then, he gives his maidservant Elizabeth his estate, deeds, etc. My guess is that Elizabeth is the announcer, or at least related to her. (He also asks her to find gravel and place it in a pit, in honor of him.) He gives Barnabas Hale complete control of the ‘Mann & Sons Munition Concern’, and finally proceeds to give his sons (Redmond and Blutarch) all of his land, split evenly between them. This means the reason RED and BLU fight is because of a dispute over land between brothers, apparently. The final item he gives out is nearly completely covered in sand, the only thing you can see is “Lastly, to **** I leave the entirety of my ******* and swear you to utmost secrecy in its keeping.”.

Zepheniah’s family picture (found >>here<<) pretty much contains all of the people mentioned in his will. You can figure them all out yourself, although it is interesting to note that Elizabeth looks a lot like some of the fan-art of the announcer, which pretty much gives away who she is. Also, there is a person who’s standing outside of the edge of the photo, with only his left half showing, although not enough for the face to be visible. This is most likely the guy who was given that last item in the will.

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