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TF2 Update + other stuff

August 26, 2009

I’ve been gone all summer, simply because I didn’t feel like posting. Not that great of a reason, but hey, nothing much has really happened since I was gone. So, first off, there’s been a new TF2 update. It features no class in particular, and instead just adds random things that all classes can enjoy, […]


May 7, 2009

Just a funny little game while I search for something better. You control a ragdoll in an attempt to get him to breakdance. Controls are pretty hard to master, you can use the arrow keys to move your limbs, and then you can change which parts of your limbs move by using the arrow keys […]


April 30, 2009

Another nitrome game, they make a bunch of these. Most all are actually good, too. The idea is to build a path made out of various sizes of blocks to stretch from one platform to the other. All blocks have to be touching in order to win the level. Levels get harder as you progress, […]

Malstrums Mansion

April 23, 2009

This was released a while back on ACE’s (zeno clash) site, as an april fools joke or something. It’s pretty neat, so It’s worth mentioning. Here’s the link to play it: >>MANSION<<

Broken Picture Telephone

March 26, 2009

This is an extremely addicting (and hilarious) online game. All you have to do is either draw a picture based on a description, or write a description of a picture. Typing out a description of a picture.. And drawing from a discription. Anyways, every game has 11 through 45 panels, and you’re only allowed to […]


February 11, 2009

Alrighty, this is somewhat different than my normal posts, but I find it to be a great timewaster. Creepy.. So, the idea is that you have to solve a bunch of puzzles. However, it (very quickly) becomes obvious that the puzzles aren’t easy. I’m not talking about puzzles you would see in HL2, or even […]

More Spewer

February 5, 2009

Still searching for the tank game, and hoping It’s still at least slightly active if it’s even up anymore. Meanwhile, however, that little game ‘Spewer’ is updating little by little. There is now gold (‘acid’) puke, which can melt a certain type of block you can place in the editor. For now that’s all the […]

Fluid simulation thing

January 14, 2009

Basically this is ‘Powder Game’ with gas, instead of powder. Not super-entertaining, but It’s extremely fast, and is pretty cool to look at. >>FLUID-GAS SIM THING<<

Minotaur china shop

January 8, 2009

Yes, that’s right. Sell plates as a giant evil bull! In a china shop! Nothing could ever go wrong, right? … No comment. >>Minotaur china shop<< Note that you need the unity web-game player thingy. It doesn’t take long to download if you don’t already have it though. Well worth it.


December 5, 2008

Just a little browser game. Nothing that special, but it is a really cool browser game. Alright, so basically it’s a game that makes you click on stairs to go up. However, you only have a certain amount of time to do so, and it’s obvious that beating the game in one life is impossible. […]