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April 30, 2008

It’s one of those games where you have to fling something to make it go as far as possible. At least this one has physics. So basically you pick up the snot thing and fling it. You can spin it in circles to try to get it to go faster, or just take out your […]


April 28, 2008

I’m excited about the game, it’s out tomorrow, and i’m probably going to get it tomorrow if possible. Here’s a lengthy review (11 minutes long) that I found, which features some nice gameplay footage. I’m really happy about multiplayer. That’s always been my favorite thing about games, and one of the reasons why i’m so […]


April 17, 2008

I WANNA BE THE GUY! A little game created to be incredibly effing hard. controls are arrow keys, r to restart, shift to jump (shift again to double-jump), and z to fire your gun. This game is evil. This game will most likely make you want to kill yourself. It is very, very, hard. You […]


April 16, 2008

Super Smash Brothers. I’m not going to tell you to get the game or anything, seeing as it’s on the wii, but I just wanted to make a post about it. When melee came out on the gamecube, I played it a hell of a lot. ended up getting every trophy, beating every event, getting […]


April 15, 2008

In snakeball, you play as a little snake, and your objective is to get little green orbs into the middle black hole. And in forklift kid you play as that little guy in the picture below and use forklifts and crates to open doors and push buttons and such. Snakeball is pretty simple, all you […]

boxhead rooms

April 12, 2008

Just a little web-game, I don’t want to give you too many games like TM nations. You play as the little green guy, and you fend off zombies and such. You have all sorts of weapons, including fake walls, which can be used to make barricades.. Barrels, which explode.. shotgun, uzi, and whatnot. There’s also […]

Wings 2

April 11, 2008

Some of you might know of an old game called ‘wings’. It was one of my favorite games ever, and now there’s a sequel! (A ship blowing up a little part of the map) (An online battle.) In wings 2, you do everything you did in the last game, but with more gamemodes, and new […]

TM nations video

April 11, 2008

A demonstration of TM Nations. The music sucks, yes, but it’s probably the best video out there, sadly. You can mute it if you want, I won’t blame you.

Trackmania Nations

April 7, 2008

Yeah, a huge download. But it’s probably one of the best free games ever made. This is the essence of TM United, loops. Of course, there are regular tracks, but the real reason I love this game is because of these insane loops, wallrides, wallride into loops, loop in to wallrides.. corkscrew loops… You’re lucky […]

Day of the Pyro

April 4, 2008

TF2 has many classes. Everyone has a favorite, and mine is Pyro. So I found a video of the Pyro that I liked, and, seeing as how yesterday I recommended the game, I thought.. Why don’t I share it?