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Trackmania Nations

April 7, 2008

Yeah, a huge download. But it’s probably one of the best free games ever made. This is the essence of TM United, loops. Of course, there are regular tracks, but the real reason I love this game is because of these insane loops, wallrides, wallride into loops, loop in to wallrides.. corkscrew loops… You’re lucky […]

Line Rider

March 26, 2008

Sorry ’bout the lack of posts, don’t worry, i’ve not abandoned the blog. Line Rider. Ok, so, everybody’s heard of this game. Pretty much everbody. But it’s still fun, and i’m out of ideas. So in this game you create levels for a little boy on a sled to ride. You cannot control the sled […]


March 5, 2008

Now, this is some awesome stuff. I don’t even know if i have to say any more.. Youtube video But, just because I can, I will. Sumotori dreams is only 96 kb. I know, you’re probably saying “WTF OMG 96 KB LOL NO WAI UR CRAZY LOLOLO” Maybe I am, but I assure you, this […]

Cave Story

February 18, 2008

Yeah, another game that everybody’s heard of. Cave story is a japanese game, but there’s an english patch for it. You start out in a little cave.. and go from there into an 8-bit adventure of fun. All done by one man, too! In the game, you play as the little guy shooting the monster […]