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Surfing in CS:S

After doing a post involving CS:S yesterday, I thought I should talk a little bit more about it. However, I don’t really know how to play the game well. I do know how to surf though, so I guess I’ll talk about that.

Incredibly, I cannot find a single surf video on youtube that I like. This was the best I could do. Either the music sucks ass, or the video has extremely bad quality and lags. So just turn the sound off for the video or something, I don’t know.

Anyways, surfing, as you can see, is just sliding down the side of ramps. You gain speed by going down the ramps, and you jump by moving up them just before they end. To actually stay on the side of the ramps, you need to press a when on the right side of them, and d when on the left side. In other words, you must walk against the side of the ramp while sliding down.  You can also turn in mid air by holding those same buttons while curving the mouse. D if you need to move to the right, and A if you need to go to the left. The surf map you see in the video is actually one of the harder ones you’ll come across. I’ve been surfing for a while and I still can’t really make it (actually, even though I’ve been surfing a while, I don’t surf too often). Generally, once you make it to the end of the surf map, you are given a gun, and are allowed to mess with players who have fallen off before they reached the end.

One more thing, there are a couple of types of surf map. There are the surf maps that follow a linear pathway, and then there are arena-style surf maps, which are like regular maps, except that instead of walking around to kill people, you surf.

There are also surf servers in TF2, but not nearly as many, and they all mostly focus on arena-style surf maps.


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