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Chimera Hunt

This is another gamemode for garrysmod, one involving the Ultimate Chimera and pigmasks from Mother 3. As a pigmask, there’s a simple goal, find the Chimera, and press the button on it’s back. Shift can be used to dash, but only once, and it takes a while to recharge. To press the button on the chimera, you just have to click on it’s back from behind. This isn’t as simple as it sounds, though, since the chimera has a bite attack that instantly kills you, along with a roar that will render you unable to attack from fear. As the chimera, you gain those abilites, and can run with shift like normal. If you didn’t guess, the goal as chimera is to destroy all the pigmasks.

It’s a fun gamemode, and if you have Garrysmod, I suggest checking it out. >>Here’s<< the download link.

I originally played this with some guys from the TF2 mappers group, and that was incredibly fun. It was just normal play at first, but for the most part it was us screwing around. Here’s a video!:

4 Responses to “Chimera Hunt”

  1. oh fuck, you have stopped posting again. just wanned to say, it’s not like people like me do not comment because they don’t read, it’s because there’s nothing to comment on. I mean, I read this blog the same way I watch TV – not calling channel office every minute to tell them what I did like in the show, – I just watch with my pop corn for my own satisfaction, right? same with your blog, I’m sure people do enjoy it, even if they do not stop to say so.

  2. This surely makes perfect sense

  3. You’re unquestionably correct on this blog post.

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