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Archive for May 2009

TF2: Post-sniper/spy update thoughts

May 26, 2009

Well, our new sniper+spy update has come, and is becoming history as I write this. Although it still has a long ways to go until people stop talking about it. Especially considering the fact that this new unlock system takes forever to do anything, and I only have 2 of the 6 new unlocks. I […]

Sniper vs. Spy: day 7

May 21, 2009

The Sniper makes a comeback! The new weapon being revealed is.. Jarate! Yeah, apparently it wasn’t a joke in the end. So, what does jarate do? Well, when an enemy is hit with it, they take 35% more damage for a period of time. This effect can screw up spy’s cloak, and will even extinguish […]

Spy update: day 6

May 21, 2009

This day reveals a new revolver, the ambassador. Basically, it does more damage per shot, and has the accuracy of a sniper rifle, but you have to wait a lot longer between shots. So, we could see some spies camping with it, pretending to be little snipers. Which is funny, because that would make them […]


May 18, 2009

Oh hey look what the steampowered forums leaked. I think this is the best of all of the meet the videos so far. It’s just fantastic, and there is no way you can deny that.

Spy update: day 1

May 18, 2009

Yup, turns out it was the spy update. This update gives us the ‘cloak and dagger’ spy watch, along with the ‘dead ringer’ spy watch. The cloak and dagger spy watch will be able to cloak you for as long as you want, as long as you stay still. Only movement drains it’s power. What’s […]


May 14, 2009

This day announces a new weapon, to replace the smg. It’s called the Razorback, and if you have it in your inventory, it will automatically nullify any backstab a spy may get on you. However, it only works once, and it slows you down when you have it. I’ll guess you can get another one […]

Snoipah update – thoughts

May 14, 2009

Well, if you don’t already know, the sniper update’s content is being revealed to us one day at a time. As usual. So far we have the huntsman, which is the replacement for snoipah’s snoipah, and a few new maps + gamemode. The Huntsman is a bow, so some of it’s features are fairly obvious. […]

Cortex Command: Build 23!

May 14, 2009

Huzzah! A new Cortex Command build is out! What does this one add to the mix, you may ask? Well… Full Lua scripting of any object, not only missions. Documentation here. A lot of added content, most of it is still works in progress though. All kinds of toys to play with! Improved buying menu […]

Cavern Klämrisk

May 12, 2009

Hilarious little game (well, to me it’s hilarious). What do you do? Well, It’s simple. You must keep that little man in the lift as long as possible, while damaging him at the same time. This is very hard, as the guy doesn’t really know how to hang on to the cart. Once he falls […]


May 7, 2009

Just a funny little game while I search for something better. You control a ragdoll in an attempt to get him to breakdance. Controls are pretty hard to master, you can use the arrow keys to move your limbs, and then you can change which parts of your limbs move by using the arrow keys […]