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Snoipah update – thoughts

Well, if you don’t already know, the sniper update’s content is being revealed to us one day at a time. As usual. So far we have the huntsman, which is the replacement for snoipah’s snoipah, and a few new maps + gamemode.

The Huntsman is a bow, so some of it’s features are fairly obvious. It can’t hold more than one arrow at a time, it has a short full-charge time (1 second), it has 18 arrows, if I remember correctly, and it most likely has an arc to the shots. Oh, it also pins players to the wall if they die from your shot. Sort of like in HL2/HL2:DM. Except it’s probably a lot less situational.

The Huntsman

The Huntsman!

Now then, as if this wasn’t obvious already, the new gamemode is Payload Race, Which was the thing people (including me) were all hyped up for on the scout update. Basically, you just have to push your team’s cart up a hill, while preventing the other team from doing the same. One cool thing is that the map presented for this gamemode is set at night.

Now, the other maps are for arena, and they include: Sawmill, which takes place on a stormy mountain sawmill, and features a stormy skybox, plus a weather effect: rain.


There is also: Nucleus, which has a sexy looking doomsday device in the center, and just in general looks fantastic.



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