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Cortex Command: Build 23!

Huzzah! A new Cortex Command build is out! What does this one add to the mix, you may ask? Well…

  • Full Lua scripting of any object, not only missions. Documentation here.
  • A lot of added content, most of it is still works in progress though. All kinds of toys to play with!
  • Improved buying menu now displays long item names correctly and more clearly
  • Buy menu Presets can now be made to quickly switch between completely different shipment loadouts!
  • New in-game music by dannyB
  • Several new campaign and skirmish missions in the works.
  • Fixed scene editor making the game not load afterward
  • As always, several months’ worth of general touches and improvements

Yay! More music, more mission, and more lua so that we can have incredible mods!

Awesome stuff.

>>Data Realms link<<


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