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This day announces a new weapon, to replace the smg.

It’s called the Razorback, and if you have it in your inventory, it will automatically nullify any backstab a spy may get on you. However, it only works once, and it slows you down when you have it.

I’ll guess you can get another one from the health/ammo locker.

>>Sniper Update Day 3<<


There’s something very odd going on with this update, although there’s a chance It’s just valve trolling us, many people seem to think that it could mean a meet the spy video. Or even a double sniper-spy update, maybe.  What exactly is causing these ideas to pop up? Well…

You see it? You have to kind of squint, but he’s there. A spy is behind the sniper.

Now, I have confirmed that this isn’t photoshopped for a few reasons, but most importantly is that I actually saw it myself on the official page.

Basically, they’d been putting up an image of a spy behind that sniper a few times yesterday, each one slightly different. The one I caught (above) is near fully cloaked, but more of his figure is visible. As opposed to one they put up earlier which was much easier to see, but faded away around the spy’s waist.

I really, really doubt that this means a dual sniper-spy update, but hey, you never know.



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