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November 18, 2008

If you loved Coconut Run or that small physics game I posted earlier, you’ll love this! Alright, that’s actually a rube goldberg device created using the game. That was created using the sandbox, the actual challenges you do revolve around building robots to complete helpful tasks mindless robot slave activities. For example, in one challenge […]

Cortex Command Update + powder

November 10, 2008

After looking at Fun-Motion and reading a comment on my blog about it, I’ve decided that Cortex Command deserves a new post after so many updates. For those of you who don’t know what Cortex Command is, my old post should help you. Those rocks are pretty… Anyways, a bunch of new stuff has come […]

Trackmania DS + Physics game

October 28, 2008

Wow, reading some reviews online, and looking at the trailers and gameplay footage, this actually looks like it will almost be as good as the PC version. Let’s hope that they actually have online Wi-Fi… Really though.. this is almost unreal, having such an incredible game on the DS.. the graphics look amazing, and like […]

Some little physics game

October 27, 2008

Yeah, just a little physics game thing. You build a little blob or something out of springs and joints and such, then you can fill it in with the polygon tool. It’s fun for a little while. >>THE PHYSICS GAME<< InĀ  other news, I started playing TM Nations again, and it’s still pretty fun. hurray.


October 13, 2008

Just another small web-game until I get my hands on World of Goo. You control that green balloon thing with the cannon on the right. The idea is to float your way through levels, avoiding other cannons and spikes from hitting your balloons. There are also other AI balloon fighter things on some levels, which […]

maps etc.

October 6, 2008

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for maps for HL2DM. Not DM maps, I mean co-op stuff. So far I have a spawn room, and an elevator that goes down to a level with manhacks and then a rollermine puzzle. I might put some pics up in a little bit. I’m also trying […]

Evolution SHMUP

September 8, 2008

This is a little old, and the creator has made more games since this, but I still love this game enough to post it anyways. Evolution SHMUP is a game where none of the enemies are exactly the same (err, at least, it’s very unlikely). Every time you play the game, the enemies are created […]


April 30, 2008

It’s one of those games where you have to fling something to make it go as far as possible. At least this one has physics. So basically you pick up the snot thing and fling it. You can spin it in circles to try to get it to go faster, or just take out your […]


April 16, 2008

Super Smash Brothers. I’m not going to tell you to get the game or anything, seeing as it’s on the wii, but I just wanted to make a post about it. When melee came out on the gamecube, I played it a hell of a lot. ended up getting every trophy, beating every event, getting […]


April 15, 2008

In snakeball, you play as a little snake, and your objective is to get little green orbs into the middle black hole. And in forklift kid you play as that little guy in the picture below and use forklifts and crates to open doors and push buttons and such. Snakeball is pretty simple, all you […]