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A New Zero

Another game from Cryptic Sea, and it looks pretty cool.

Once a game is started, you have 2 teams to choose from, and 3 vehicles to play as. The Fighter is a plane that can drop bombs, and moves fast. Slightly hard to control, though. The Missile Boat is armed with 4 missiles and a cannon, and the Gun Boat is armed with a cannon and gun. Each of these costs money, and money is gained from factories, which can be destroyed if the enemy shoots at it enough. You want to protect your factories, and destroy the other team’s, but your ultimate goal is destroying their capitol (and preventing them from doing the same). Each vehicle has advantages and disadvantages over the others, etc. Before I forget, this game is also multiplayer online. So, even if nobody’s playing it, that’s nice to know. (The site tells you what port you’d have to forward if you want to create a game)

What I really like about this? Everything is procedurally generated using algorithms. This includes the textures, models, music, and effects. So, the game’s size is actually only 432kb, and it’s just one executable file. That’s, as it says on the site, 1/10,000th the size of Left 4 Dead.

>>here<< is the site with the download link, along with a little extra information.

.. Speaking of L4D, I recently bought it! Finally.


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