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Guard Dog.

I’ve been focusing on TF2 a lot recently, but I think this is hilarious. Nearly every thread in the TF2 forums at this moment is talking about the guard dog, which is a slightly professional looking community-made update page, featuring a tenth class which is, in fact, a guard dog. This hasn’t yet been totally discarded as fake by all of the forum members (although nearly all of them know it’s a fake), because the TF2 blog itself decided to make a joke about it. >>Here’s<< a link to the blog post.

Pseudoform is also being released later today this Friday, I think. Although admittedly it’s basically still a tech demo, and there won’t be many props or maps to play in.


2 Responses to “Guard Dog.”

  1. is it wrong to have no idea what are you talking about here…

  2. Basically, there’s this fake update page somebody made, and for whatever reason everybody on the forums is (or was) going crazy over it. Especially after it was posted on the official TF2 blog.

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