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Would you like a sandvich?

TF2 updated a few days ago, with some changes, but for the most part it’s nothing really noticeable. Only things that effect gameplay are the new sandvich-throwing powers, and the medic’s new regen rate (with the buff it gives if you have the normal syringe gun equipped).

First off, sandvich throwing is starting to become my new favorite thing. I’ve been throwing sandviches left and right every time I play heavy, and it’s usually just for my amusement, not really to help my teammates or anything. I’ve also discovered that you can use the sandvich as a sort of peace offer to your enemies. Normally this doesn’t work, but occasionally if you throw a sandvich at your enemy and attempt to look as non-threatening as possible, they’ll take it and stare at you until you leave, or until they decide you’re not going to attack after all. I recorded a few demos of enemy reactions to this, and I did indeed have a little success.

Now, the new medic regen rates are fairly straightforward, when you have the syringe gun equipped, the base regen is 3 hp, and as 10 seconds go by, it increases to 6, until you’re fully healed. Once you’re fully healed, it drops back to 3, and the next time you take damage it’ll repeat, giving you more HP as time goes on. Originally the blutsauger was unable to crit, but now, instead, it just drops your base HP regen by 2. So, with the blutsauger equipped, the HP regen goes from 1 to 4. Originally, I didn’t like this idea, because I felt like having the base regen so high with the syringe gun would basically make any HP gained from blutsauger damage meaningless. I still think I’m right, but I suppose it just depends on if you’re a battle-medic, or one who stays behind his patient.

Oh, the backpack was updated recently as well, it now has 2 pages of slots, 100 in total now. There are some nice backpack sorting options as well, but I prefer to organize them based on my design.

Finally, while this isn’t related to the update, I got a new hat yesterday! It’s the Engineer’s Cap. I have no images for these things yet, but I’ll try to update the post with some if I can.


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