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Refuge + My hat story

First off, here’s a game which in addition to having space-invaders-ish graphics, also has some really cool lighting effects, physics, and reminds me quite a bit of missile command.

Not very hard at all to play, move with the arrow keys, C or X to shoot, and a few other buttons to change the volume, etc.


In other news, I’ve recently found a hat! TF2 hat, that is. It happened like this:

It was Sunday, maybe 10:00 PM, and I had decided to start working on my latest map. After a couple hours of mostly adding detail, I suddenly became aware of the fact that it was around midnight, and nearly just quit altogether. But before doing so, I decided I would compile and test the map really quickly. After waiting a good 10 minutes for it to compile, and another 3 minutes for the game and map to load, I was there. Looking at the displacements and prop_statics I’d placed recently, and making mental notes of things to change or add, I was starting to wonder how the new stuff would look from the air while rocket-jumping. So, I changed my class. Instantly, I was greeted with a message telling me I had acquired a huntsman. So, big deal, I already had one. Then I noticed an arrow telling me there was more. I didn’t expect much, maybe another Bonk! duplicate. So I clicked it. Then, the unthinkable happened. What I had on my screen at that moment was something I had never seen before, and I couldn’t help but stare at it for a good while. It showed a hat with a feather in it, dominating nearly all of my screen. Forgetting everything else, I clicked OK, and had the presence of mind to take a screenshot of the text-box while it still had my new items in it.


I also decided to take a picture of pushing random keys into the textbox, to show how surprised I was from the find.


Finally, here’s what I assume my expression looked like after I got over the initial surprise of finding the hat.snowlake0008

I then attempted to sleep, and gloated like hell the next day.


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