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Fake Idler is illegal!

Yup, if you haven’t heard the news, anybody who earns items through the fake idler is getting them taken away. Now, I haven’t seen anybody lose a hat yet, but I’ve personally lost the items I’ve idled, so this isn’t a joke. Also, apparently, if you continue to idle even after you get the warning, you’ll get all of your items taken away. As if that weren’t enough for the idlers, now non-idlers get a free hat! It’s a halo, and I was starting to get really tired last night of hearing people go crazy over them. Honestly, if 95% of people HAVE the halo, that makes it basically worthless, and you might as well just not wear it at all.

However, there is some good news to go with the bad: Hat drop rates have been tripled! That (apparently) gives you a 3.57% chance of getting a hat once every 4 hours or so.

With the fake idler program gone, this is going to mean a comeback of achievement_idle servers in-game, I just know it.


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