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Update on GmodTower

Last time I posted about GmodTower, they had yet to actually release the gamemode. Well, they finally did a while back, and It’s incredible.

So, right now, the only gamemodes they have are Ball Race, and PVP. Ball Race has 2 worlds up so far, and PVP has a good 4 maps. They’re going to update the gamemode with a hover-kart racing gamemode soon, and have been constantly fixing bugs meanwhile.

So, here are some (old) videos from the tower’s beta:

So, if you want to play Gmodtower, you have to go over to their site ><, download the updater, run it, select your steam username folder, and then it should automatically download everything. Just don’t forget to use the updater once in a while, since they change things so frequently.


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