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TF2 Update + other stuff

I’ve been gone all summer, simply because I didn’t feel like posting. Not that great of a reason, but hey, nothing much has really happened since I was gone.

So, first off, there’s been a new TF2 update. It features no class in particular, and instead just adds random things that all classes can enjoy, such as new hats, a new gamemode, a few new maps, and a bunch of other small additions. One really cool feature they added happens to be losing animations. Now, every time you lose a match, you go into third person and are forced to watch yourself flail around while you run, or do a number of other hilarious things. Here’s a video that showcases all of the different losing animations the classes have:

Another thing they accidentally changed was how the announcer tells you when overtime has started. She used to only say the phrase ‘overtime’ once, but when the update went live, she apparently decided it would be a good idea to say it as many times as possible in a row before the match really ends:

Sadly, this was fixed. However, if you want to hear it, they did add a cvar called ‘tf_overtime_nag’ which allows you to toggle that feature! If you look hard enough, you might even be able to find a popular server with that feature enabled.

Also, during the update, there were a ton of secret pages, all of which you can find >here<. Some people thought that these pages were hinting at a soldier/engineer update, but those ideas were quickly shot down after giving valve a couple of days after the update to do something.

Now then, with TF2 news out of the way, I’ve found a pretty cool site with a bunch of neat little games and such.


Just look through all of them, and you’ll probably find something good.

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