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TF2: Post-sniper/spy update thoughts

Well, our new sniper+spy update has come, and is becoming history as I write this.

Although it still has a long ways to go until people stop talking about it. Especially considering the fact that this new unlock system takes forever to do anything, and I only have 2 of the 6 new unlocks.

I mean, for the love of god, I already have 2 backburners! why would I want a THIRD that doesn’t even differ in the slightest?

And if I unlock the huntsman (which I did), why the hell would I want another 2?

While valve says the reason for duplicates is item trading, honestly I see no use in this except to trade the extremely new ones. Otherwise, if you get an extra backburner, who the hell is going to want another one? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a backburner already, and I don’t think I’ll come across any soon.

While I suppose people new to the game can make use of this, I feel like I’ve just been given something everyone else has, with the hope of a promise that I can attempt to trade these items with people who already have them. In exchange for something they would never give up.

Now, with all that ranting out of the way, I actually do like the new unlocks. Huntsman is great, although snipers who are good at it can just kill you while you’re right next to them. This is useful for snipers who like to be slightly more active in the heat of battle, and who have great aim with anything that requires predicting enemy movements.

Razorback is fucking useless, I have not seen a sniper yet who has turned around after I break their shield. All you have to do is stab, wait a second, and stab again. They don’t ever pay attention to the fact that the quiet little breaking sound they just heard may have been that of their imaginary safe little world of no backstabs shattering behind them.

Jarate is slightly useful. I thought it would be pointless, but because it’s so easy to hit people, and has such a wide blast radius, it really helps. With uncovering spies, at least. Since often spies are caught, they will rely on their cloak to get them out of a messy situation. But, since the jarate has such a wide blast radius, you can just throw where you think they went, and a spy is found. Also, the extra damage dealt is extremely useful for helping defend against large groups of enemies attacking your base.

I haven’t really had much experience with the new spy things except the dead ringer, so I can’t tell you much about anything besides that.

However, the dead ringer is very very very useful and fun. Possibly the unexpected favorite of all the unlocks. Basically, you cannot cloak with it unless somebody shoots at you. Already this sounds really dumb and underpowered, but really it works.

When you right click, the spy will hold the watch up so you can see it. You cannot attack while holding the watch up, but it only takes a split second to take away, in case you end up not needing it. When somebody shoots you while you have the watch held up, the dead ringer will put a fake ragdoll out, and cloak you for 8 seconds. Note that any damage you take from the shot that triggers the cloak will be extremely low. even a rocket from a soldier only does maybe 5-10 damage.

From then on while you’re cloaked, if you take any damage, it will be very very low, and will not make you visible at all until the cloak runs out. Even if a pyro burns you, you will not take any damage from the flames until the cloak runs out, and holding the dead ringer up AFTER you get burned will douse them altogether.

Now, you might think the dead corpse would not work because of the scoreboard not showing any kill. Well, actually, it does. In fact, in addition to showing a kill for your enemy, if  you ‘kill’ somebody who has the dead ringer in a fashion that fits the requirements of an achievement, it will give you the achievement. Even if the spy ends up killing you afterwords.

So, this weapon is very useful for the offensive spy. If you like to rely on your ability to get behind the enemy WITHOUT cloak, or just like to take risks with your revolver, this is for you, because essentially, it can grant you a second life.

I found a cool little video with tips for the dead ringer, too!:


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