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Cavern Klämrisk

Hilarious little game (well, to me it’s hilarious).

What do you do? Well, It’s simple. You must keep that little man in the lift as long as possible, while damaging him at the same time. This is very hard, as the guy doesn’t really know how to hang on to the cart. Once he falls out, it’s game over.

There is one little interesting trick I learned, although I didn’t play this for very long. If you push the guy out of the little box, and you’re near the wall, you can actually wedge him between the cart and said wall. Not sure if you could do anything useful with that information, but hey, it’s fun.

So yeah, the cart and the little man (along with the other stuff in the cart) are entirely physics-based, and the walls will actually deform slightly if you hit them hard.

>>Cavern Klämrisk<<


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