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Spewer released!

Spewer has been released. On newgrounds, but there’s a link to download on the title screen. If the game runs slowly you can change the quality and background rendering in the menu (which opens when you press esc or p).

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this, I mean, it has 5 chapters which means a bunch of levels, and then a bonus chapter filled with extra hard levels. Also, it’s got a level editor for you to make whatever you want.

You can eat pills to transform into different colors, which give you different forms of puke to use. There’s red, yellow, white, and black. Yellow will dissolve certain blocks, white will float, black will stick to whatever you shot it at, and red is the same as normal, except that you can fire it out faster.

It’s a very fun game. I recommend you play it.

>>Newgrounds link<<


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