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Plants vs. Zombies

This is a cute little tower defense type game.

As usual with a tower-defense type game, there are different types of plants (towers), which each have advantages and disadvantages against your enemies, the zombies.

There are also different types of zombies, which I guess isn’t exactly uncommon in the genre, but in this case there are a bunch of really odd types of zombies you must defeat. Most are pretty hilarious, too. The video I present doesn’t do justice to all of the different zombie-types you can come across. Although Michael Jackson thriller zombies are pretty funny.

Another thing you may notice from the video, is that sunflowers give you the ‘money’ you need to place more plants on the field. So, it makes sense that you want to protect those.

Other features include winning things after each level, having to switch between mushroom and plant type of defenses depending on day/night cycles, and purchasing upgrades from a shop.

>>Plants Vs. Zombies<<



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