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TF2 Updated

Fairly small update, nothing that special. They just added a couple of things to support future updates, and at the same time bugged up a lot of other things.

First off, they added a head unlockable slot for each class. They haven’t released any headgear yet, of course, but they’re apparently planning to. (Interestingly, a friend said that he found an afro unlock for the demoman in the game files. This is of course unconfirmed, but would be hilarious if true.)

They also added a ‘backpack’ feature, which allows you to delete items you’ve unlocked PERMANANTLY. It doesn’t reset achievements, it just deletes them forever. Why they would add this? I don’t know.

They also fixed a few bugs, but nothing really noteworthy.

Now, I’ve noticed a few things the update might have broken. I forgot most of them, but I remember that some of the ammo/health pickups were changing models randomly. (a full-item pickup looked like a small health-kit in some cases, or a small healthkit would look like a med.-item pickup.) Not that big of a deal, but slightly frustrating.

Now, what worries me is the useless-ness of the backpack feature. It’s not that I don’t think it has any use, It’s that I’m scared of what they could end up doing with it.

It’s possible that they could go in an MMO direction with this. Making randomly generated unlocks to pick up, etc. Allowing you to remove them from your inventory to get more.. Yeah, I think you can understand where I’m going with this. Hopefully this isn’t what they’re going to do, and I’m way off, but you can never be sure.


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