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Another top 10 list

It just occured to me that my last top 10 list was made a while ago, so I might as well make another. Starting from #10 and working my way up..

#10: Sassilization + Deathrun

For me, this is one of the main reasons to get Garrysmod now. Even if you don’t like RTS games, this is simple and fun enough to get you interested. I mean, buying more things with money you win from games is all fine and good, but when you can spend the money in what is essentially another gamemode with it’s own games, that’s another thing. Even if you don’t like it, they also made deathrun which you can play.


#9: Mirror’s Edge

I’ve always loved parkour. I just put this in here because I love the game, even though it’s short.


#8: Crayon Physics Deluxe

I was so excited when this came out. It’s been updated a bunch by Petri since its release, and It’s still a ton of fun to play.


#7: Globulos

This is a free online game with many different little gamemodes, all of which center around the same idea of punting little balls at things.


#6: Torment

Although this is different from most of the games I post here, It’s still a hell of a lot of fun. Despite the fact that everybody is still stuck on one puzzle, and that there are a bunch of other puzzle trails out there, this is still the best. In my opinion, at least.


#5: Minotaur China Shop

Flashbang is so awesome. I put this in here because I love raging at plates.


#4: Noby Noby Boy

Weird game. Worst part is the camera, but besides that It’s a fun little physics playground.


#3: Glitch

One of my more recent posts, this is in here because I just absolutely love how it looks and how the floor of the room moves around so smoothly.


#2: TF2

Yeah, this was in the #1 spot on the other list, and although I’m trying my best to keep the ones from the previous list off of this one, I just can’t keep TF2 off. It’s still extremely fun to be a medic combo with friends.


#1: Insurgency

This HL2 Mod is tactical. Very few shots kill you, which is extremely frustrating for a little while. However, once you get used to playing the game, you realise that it both makes combat and teamwork more fun. You have to actually be smart, keeping in mind that an enemy could be right around the corner. Turning corners slowly with your gun ready, throwing smoke grenades to get past snipers, working with others to capture territories, etc.



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