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Pretty cool game, It’s still being worked on, and there isn’t any download yet, but It’s something that looks pretty awesome anyways.

Yeah, physics. Pretty cool.

A little fun fact: the same guy who’s posting these videos made a cool pyro axtinguisher montage.

There’s a fun-motion thread which you can follow if you want. The makers occasionally update their progress on it.

>>F-M thread<<


3 Responses to “Igneous”

  1. isnt it kinda similar to spectraball

  2. I can’t really tell yet, but yes and no. I don’t think it’s going to play like spectraball, but it certainly looks a lot similar. While spectraball was fairly generic marble platforming, this looks a little bit more like something from crash bandicoot or marble madness, with the goal being to pass ungodly hard levels quickly. My guess is that this game will be extremely frustrating, but the kind that makes you want to keep playing until you beat the level.

  3. “isnt it kinda similar to spectraball”

    Didn’t know about this game until you mentioned it. I gave the demo a play through and thought it was a pretty interesting game (controls were a bit stiff tho).

    What tehmoose said is pretty accurate, our game is more about getting to the end of a given level without being completely destroyed. He was 100% correct about the levels being frustrating but keep you playing until you beat it (we’ve had people spend 25-30 minutes just on that level in the video to beat it).

    Anyway, a release of the game will be up next week hopefully. Our new lighting engine makes the one in the video look like complete crap, and two more levels should make for a decent build.

    Thanks for showing the game =D

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