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“Glitch is a first person shooter set in a 3D environment in which all of the entities are constructed from particles.”

That doesn’t really tell you a lot about the gameplay, however, does it? Here’s a video.

As usual, the video makes explaining so much easier.

Apparently the game is based on killing enemies, who comes in waves. Each wave gets progressively harder, as wave-based games generally are. There are also boss levels.

Now, what makes the game extremely interesting in my opinion, is the way the room you’re in moves as you play. The room is basically a giant grid of platforms, which can raise as high as they need to. However, they barely even stay in one place. They constantly shift around, sometimes forming patterns like ripples across a pond. There are different weapons, which to use you must find a powerup for. Anything I forgot to mention you should be able to figure out yourself.



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