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Broken Picture Telephone

This is an extremely addicting (and hilarious) online game.

All you have to do is either draw a picture based on a description, or write a description of a picture.

Typing out a description of a picture..

And drawing from a discription.

Anyways, every game has 11 through 45 panels, and you’re only allowed to describe/draw one thing per game. While the game you drew/wrote for is being finished by other players, you’re free to write/draw for other games.

Here’s an example of how a game would be played:

First, there’s some text. Somebody has to draw this:

The drawing of the previous text:

The discription of the previous drawing, without any information of what the person just drew besides the picture itself:

Drawing of THIS discription now:

Then my attempt to explain what I saw in this drawing:

Then, again, another drawing based on my text:

Finally, the explanaition of THIS picture:

That’s how the game is played. You must draw or describe a picture, without any more information than what you see/read. Fun game, the only downside is that you have to make an account. It’s free though.

>>Broken Picture Telephone<<


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