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Very interesting game. The video, as usual, tells it all.

If you don’t have a printer, or a way to scan the images, no worries! Although it isn’t as fun, you can use an in-game editor.

So, if the video just confused you, this game is played 2 different ways. First, you are given a puzzle to solve, which you print out and draw on. Second, you play your drawn-out puzzle.

To be more specific, each puzzle has different peg-things, which will skewer whatever shape you drew over it. The pegs don’t all raise your platform up the same amount, however. Some raise higher than others.

Also, you can draw your main character. Go ahead and make it whatever the hell you want, as long as it has arms, legs, a body, and head.

Essentially, you’re creating your own 3D platformer game levels by drawing on paper. Fun, no?



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