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lol bonk again

So, the scout update is released, and I got and played with all the weapons.

What was I right about?

Well, I got the basic idea of all of the weapons right. I also was right that the sandman is fairly hard to aim with, and knew it would end up being the most controversial.

I got much more wrong than I did right however.

First of all, there was no new map type, which I thought there would be. You should know this already if you play TF2. Secondly, although I was right that there would be something stopping you from picking up intel and using ‘Bonk!’ past sentries, I wasn’t right about what it would be. Sentries still have kickback while you’re using Bonk, although they don’t hurt, and you can’t pick up intel while under the influence of ‘Bonk!’.

I was also wrong (although I didn’t say this) in assuming the power and reload time of the Force-a-Nature would be really high. It still provides a fairly decent knockback, and does have to reload a bit more than the scattergun, but it doesn’t do as much damage as I’d thought. Instead, it just fires both shots really quickly, allowing you to possibly kill an enemy very quickly, or just leave you open for their attack while you reload. It still works like I’d hoped, it just isn’t as powerful or slow as I thought.


Now, with that out of the way, I’ll get to the strategies I’ve developed after playing with these weapons for an hour.


This weapon can be used (if you didn’t equip the sandman) to get a triple jump. This doesn’t help a lot in combat, but it helps if you need to get even farther than double jump allows.

You can also use it to confuse your enemy, and do very effective hit-and-run stuff. Basically, sneaking up on your enemy can be even more useful because of the knockback. They don’t have as much control over where they’re going to move after you hit, since they are knocked away. This can be useful if you have bad aim, since it isn’t hard to follow your enemy as they fly backwards. You can also use this to mess with pyros. Since you don’t want to get close to a pyro who knows where you are as a scout, you’re forced to retreat (maybe while hitting them with the pistol). This can work, if you just keep pelting them while they’re following you, but sometimes they can trick you into getting really close.

So, instead of that, if you have a pyro running at you with the flamethrower, you just have to back off, and then run forward really quickly JUST outside of the flamer’s reach and shoot. Pyro gets knocked backwards, which allows you to run away again, and since he’s now low on health (probably), you can finish off with the pistol (or hell, the bat can work too sometimes if you have water or a healthpack nearby).

The Sandman:

Super-useful. Main problem with this weapon is that it takes forever to get your ball back. If you can find it right after you hit, that’s good, but usually this can only be fired once every 20 seconds or so. which is a lot of time in TF. So, use this wisely. Find a slow enemy to use it on, don’t waste it on another scout unless It’s your only option You know what? It really actually doesn’t take that long to get it back. As long as you’re pretty sure you’ll hit the guy, go for it. Just remember that the bat is useful for just hitting people if you already used your ball, and that you probably won’t kill somebody you stunned if he’s got friends around him. If you do decide to use it on somebody who’s alone, be sure to run up to him and get your kill before he wakes up. If he’s not alone, though, it could be trouble to attempt and take him down with his friend protecting him.

EDIT: After messing around a little bit more, I realized that the power of the sandman doesn’t JUST lie in the baseball you stun people with. It’s just as good at hurting people as the other bat is.

Stun the enemy first, get up right next to them, unload both shots from the Force-A-Nature, and then switch to the bat after they wake up (they will if the FaN doesn’t kill them first) and finish them off. Chances are they’ll still be too confused to really do anything about it, and this way you can finish them off really quickly still if the Force-A-Nature didn’t already.

‘Bonk!’ energy drink:

This is pretty obvious. Use it to get past areas that are highly protected, and then attack from behind their defense. If you try this against a lvl 2 or 3 sentry, expect to be knocked backwards pretty badly. Also remember that you run slowly for a few seconds after you use it, so don’t try to use it against pyros unless you’re sure you can run far away enough from him, or are running to water. Also note that when you start using it, it shows a drinking animation that lasts for a couple of seconds. Don’t try to use it when somebody is actively attacking you.

EDIT: This is useful for situations where you’re screwed. (Say, forced to retreat from a pyro but realize there’s a heavy medic around the corner facing you.) Simply drink your energy drink, and run the fuck back to a position where you aren’t facing as much certain death. Just note that once it wears off you move slow for a little while.


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