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lol bonk

Yes, It’s time to mention the scout update. Although it’s obviously no surprise by now that it’s being released (although valve does seem to have trouble releasing things sometimes), I thought I would take the time to discuss the weapons, maps, and what I assume to be the last item to be announced.

So, let’s begin with the first weapon that was announced..

the Sandman. Alright, we already know that this weapon allows you to hit a baseball at an enemy in order to stun him. The farther the ball is thrown, the longer he is stunned. We also know that this weapon is able to stun ubercharges. What we don’t yet know is for how long enemys will get stunned. I’m guessing it’s long enough for you to run over and bat them, because the achievements seem to suggest that this is a tactic they will encourage. This makes me wonder what would stop the scout from staying far away and only killing people he’s already stunned. Basically I’m assuming that they make it very hard to aim with. I’ll have to see how it plays out, though.

Bonk! Atomic punch. This is quite an interesting secondary weapon. I’ll admit, secondary weapons so far have been the most interesting unlocks, but still. Being able to dodge bullets after drinking radiation is maybe a little bit more insane that eating a sandvich to restore your health.

Anyways, My guess is that the purpose for this weapon is to allow scouts to run past choke points without a scratch, wait until the aftereffects of the radiation wear off, and hit the enemy from behind their supposed impenetrable choke point defence. I like this, actually, because even though you can get past sentries with it (I think..), you still can’t destroy them any more than you could before the drink. My main concern is that the scout could simply drink his super-power solution into and out the intelligence room, and just skip past everything with it. I’ll bet that, to disallow this, you either cannot use the energy drink while you have the intel, or maybe sentries can still get you, I’m not sure yet.

The Force-A-Nature. Now this sounds like a cool weapon. It holds only 2 shots, and reloads slowly, but hits things so badly that it knocks them backwards. I like that you can do an extra jump with it, too. One thing that worries me about this weapon, however, is the fact that you could have the potential to be as annoying (if not more) than the pyro. Think about it, if this weapon is as powerful as I think it is, and also has the knockback.. That coupled with the fact that the scout is the best for sneaking around the enemy into his blindspot, could make this the ultimate weapon in surprise buttsex. At least he will be forced to retreat after the attack, because of the reload.

Alright, now then, I’m assuming the last update will be a double payload type map. (I assume this because the image in the background of the bonk energy drink picture shows this.) This sounds pretty cool, but from what I can tell it’s going to be an extremely fast paced map type. It almost looks like in order to push your cart you will have to be near the enemy’s cart almost the entire time. That’s all I can really say about this, without even knowing for sure that it will be the last item in the scout update. The end.


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