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GMod Tower!

This is an upcoming gamemode for Garrysmod.

Because I have (sadly) grown bored of sandbox, I’ve been reduced to waiting for this to come out. Well, that and playing the ‘Deathrun’ gamemode. (Google it if you have no idea what it is.)

So, what is this magical ‘GMod Tower’, you may be asking?


GMod Tower is a project comprised of many different unique gamemodes hoping to build a diverse community.

Essentially, the server (or tower) acts as a base for all the gamemodes it contains. You are not limited to one type of gameplay. The community forms what makes the tower interesting and the community controls how it’s run.

In the tower, you will have access to personal suites, stores (for upgrading), a whole batch of unique gamemodes, and more.
There are plenty of well-thoughtout features/systems for your connivence. Trading (including currency exchange), grouping, private chatting, queuing, upgrades, awards (similar to achievements), and hand-picked administrators, just to name a few.

Still confused?

Alright, well here’s the basic idea from what I understand.

There’s a building with 6 floors. Each floor has different things:

There is a floor with the lobby, pool, and what sounds basically like a mall with an arcade.. Another floor with suites, which is basically like a customizable home in the tower, it allows you to store things and get certain items and stuff.. Another floor with action gamemodes. I’ll quote the description for these:

PVP Battle : In Progress (85%) || Up to 8 Players

A wacky, Jaykin’ Bacon: Source inspired deathmatch gamemode. Tons of insane weapons are at your disposal. With six explosive minute matches and creative maps, you’re sure to enjoy this fast-paced FPS deathmatch geared towards the most badass of FPS players.
GMT Adventure : On Hold || Up to 4 Players
Travel with Sunabouzu and MacDGuy through an epic side-scrolling adventure that comedically retells the events of GMod Tower’s development. We’re almost as insane as you think.

Stealth (name TBA) : To Be Announced || Up to 8 Players

Cleverness and wits have never had so many babies before this Metal Gear Solid inspired espionage gamemode arrived. Out smart your foes using the environment and your squad. It’s a soldier versus sly world out there, you know.
Now, the next floor has puzzle gamemodes.
Puzzle: Impossible : On Hold || Up to 4 Players

Investigate a rampant AI and discover the truth behind Project Anna. Enter the AI’s playground and think, dodge, and blast your way into the memory core.
Ball Race : In Progress (78%) || Up to 6 Players
Eat bananas and roll your way around this Super Monkey Ball inspired gamemode. With five worlds each with ten levels (50 levels), you’ll have tons of fun for a good while.
Next is the ‘survival’ gamemode floor.
Twists of the Mind : On Hold || Up to 4 Players

Travel through a thick forest and unveil the mystery behind the recent killings. Survive your way through challenging puzzles and enemies.
The Gallery : To Be Announced || Up to 4 Players

Gamemode is under construction. More information coming at a later date.
Finally, there is a floor with casual gamemodes:

Harvest (name TBA) : To Be Announced || Up to 8 Players

Based on, you’ve guessed it, Harvest Moon. Grow crops and build up your farm through even the harshest seasons of the year. Compete with other farms in attempt to collect the most cash from crops or livestock. Oh, there’s cowlions.

Mini-Golf  : To Be Announced || Up to 4 Players

This gamemode is under reconstruction. More information coming at a later date.
I hope all of that didn’t fry your brain.
So, when is this ultra-gamemode going to be released for all of Garrysmod to behold?
No idea. Expect something soon though.
If you want to follow this on the website, here’s the link:

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  1. So Hey Dude Can U Plz Sen Me Game Mode Map
    I Swear I Wont Give It OUT I Will Make My Own Server Youst A Tiny One

    For Peale Trying TO You Yours =)

    PLZ I Will Do My Best To Serve You =)

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