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Escape from City 17: Part One

It’s a fan-made movie based in the HL2 world!

This is by far the best short movie ever.

.. At least the best based on the HL series ..

Now, I’m going to post the video on the blog, but I SERIOUSLY recommend watching it on youtube in high quality.

Like I said, this is a short. It’s only about 5 minutes long. No worries, though, as the title of the post may have lead you to guess, there are more on the way. Part two is apparently nearing completion, so that should come out soon.

For somebody who is a huge Half-Life series fan, this is epic.


Oh, that reminds me! If you have Garrysmod and HL2, and you have a friend who has Garrysmod and HL2 as well, there’s a mod you can download. It allows you to play the HL2 campaign online! All you have to do is extract it to the right folder, set the difficulty if you feel like it, make sure you can create a server, set the gamemode to HL2 campaign, and create the server on an HL2 campaign map!

Note that this will not work if you do not have both garrysmod and HL2.

>>Download HL2 co-op gamemode<<


2 Responses to “Escape from City 17: Part One”

  1. there is HD button in embedded player too (as well as fullscreen button)

  2. Err.. I knew that.
    I totally did NOT get surprised to learn that.

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