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Alrighty, this is somewhat different than my normal posts, but I find it to be a great timewaster.


So, the idea is that you have to solve a bunch of puzzles. However, it (very quickly) becomes obvious that the puzzles aren’t easy.

I’m not talking about puzzles you would see in HL2, or even those in point and click adventure games. I’m talking about the kinds of things that would take at least half an hour to solve each. Things that might make you want to shout “FUCK THE WORLD!”. Things that, when first looked at, will make you nearly cry with the realization that what you are about to attempt to solve is going to make your fucking brain ache.


To be more specific, although this may be a spoiler, most of the puzzles use ciphers to encode a message. Mainly, the idea is to decode the message, and find a keyword. That isn’t to say that every puzzle uses a cipher, many of them have a very different method needed to solve. For example, the first puzzle, as you will see, involves no encoded message.


Another thing about these puzzles, is that they each have at least one picture. Some of the pictures are just there to be creepy, and some provide critical information in solving the puzzle. Along with the pictures, there is music, which adds to the scary effect.


There are also many dead ends along the puzzle, which can be accessed by attempting to enter an obvious answer, or trying to skip to the last puzzle by entering something like ‘last’. These dead ends could go on for a little while before leading to an unsolvable page. Also, when you enter a false answer, it leads you to a custom 404 page, which is kind of cool.

Anyways, before you begin, you may want to keep in mind what I said: These puzzles are incredibly hard. You may want to try and find some tools online to help you decode the easier ciphers, or look on forums where people have helped each other. That could easily give you a clue about what you have to do if you’re stuck.

Nobody has solved torment yet. Although it was created in 2007, and has been getting some attention, people are still stuck on a puzzle involving child’s blocks.



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