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Sassilization + Deathrun

Quite a while ago I did a post on ‘Deathrun’ in garrysmod. Well, back then the deathrun server only had 2 maps, and the community that owned it didn’t have any other servers. So, now things have changed, apparently, and the focus of that community *definitely* is not deathrun anymore.

That isn’t to say that the deathrun server isn’t popular anymore, it’s usually able to keep above 25 people on it. Often it’s full with 44. Recently, though, there have been many changes to the community.  Most obviously, there are now 6 servers, including the deathrun one. 4 of those servers are locked, and the final one is called the ‘Lobby’.

The ‘Lobby’ is a place where you can run around, look at news from the community website, and play some minigames with other people in the arcade room. It’s also the place that lets you enter those 4 locked servers, which run a gamemode called (surprisingly enough) Sassilization.

Sassilization is an rts gamemode. There isn’t really anything that special about it (although it’s the only rts gamemode in gmod), exept for the fact that you can buy different types of units and buildings with ‘dough’. You can get ‘dough’ by winning minigames in the Lobby, playing games on the website, or by winning matches in sassilization itself. You then proceed to buy said units or buildings in part of the lobby, and from then on you can use them whenever you want in sassilization.

One more thing, to create an account, you must join the lobby server.

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One Response to “Sassilization + Deathrun”

  1. I know this entry is old and everything, but I just gotta say this. The deathrun server with 2 maps was hosted by ClanNV, which has nothing to do with Sassilization. The RTS gamemode you’re talking about came WAY before Sassilization acquired their deathrun server. The change was getting a deathrun server, not getting a lobby.

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