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Now, this is another mod, so it requires that you have a source game already. HL2, CS:S, TF2 etc. Of course, the good news is that it’s free if you already have one of those games! Even if you don’t, it’s about time you got one of them!

Right, so, Insurgency is almost like COD, except so much more fun. Main idea is that you have to be tactical. You can’t just run out into the middle of battle and expect to live. There are different ‘classes’, some have snipers, others have rocket launchers, or smoke grenades. There isn’t nearly as much of a difference between classes as there is in TF2, but it is something that effects gameplay.

First of all, you almost always want to go around corners scoped and prepared for an enemy to be there. One of the first things you’ll notice about the game is how quickly you will get killed if somebody spots you. Therefore, you want to be prepared to shoot them before they can shoot you.

Secondly, snipers like open areas, so don’t go running out into open areas unless you have a smoke grenade to help you. Even with the smoke, you want to get behind cover as soon as possible.

Thirdly, you want to know which areas are safe and which are not, as well as the path that your enemies will take to get where you are. This way you can decide where to attack the enemy so that they don’t expect it. One of the easiest ways to get kills is to take an unsuspected route.

Fourthly, you’re going to need your teammate’s help. if your teammates know what they’re doing, you’re going to win. For example, you may not be a class equipped with a smoke grenade, so if you want to cross a road protected by snipers, you’ll need somebody with a smoke to help you.

Finally, use your grenades. Smokes are actually going to have to be used, along with frags. Use smokes to help you get across sniper-protected areas (as I mentioned twice already), and frags to clear out a room.

Anyways, if you decide to try this mod out, as I did, don’t be discouraged when you don’t know who the hell shot you. It takes a little while to get used to the fact that you don’t have 100 health. Just give it a little time, and try to learn from your mistakes.




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