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Where are my holidays?

So, I decided to take a holiday break from posting on the blog. Now I’m back! Hopefully the break wasn’t too long.

Anyways, getting to the point, I didn’t manage to find any sort of holiday game to post. There was a pretty decent sale on steam, but that’s already over, and none of the games on sale were really very christmas-like. I thought of doing more stuff on TF2, which is still an option in the near future, but honestly I couldn’t think of any real way to make the game very holiday-ish. So, doing a list was the most obvious choice…

However.. It’s now after the holidays.

What the hell, maybe you didn’t get what you wanted, and have to take matters into your own hands, eh? Or maybe you wanted to get something to play with your friend, but weren’t sure if he/she would like it? Now’s your chance! This list will go from #10 to #1, in order to keep the suspense up for #1. Although it really should be obvious what I’m going to put in that slot.

#10:  Halo 3:

Although you’re crazy NOT to have this game by now (simply because everybody has it, not because I love the game), maybe your friend just recently got a 360, or has just never taken the time. Since you can play the campaign online, can create a party for any of your friends to join whenever you want, and basically just have a good time on the internet, this is a good choice if both of you own a 360. Although it is really likely you both already have the game. If you don’t have a friend, the multiplayer is still awesome, of course.

#9:Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

Another game that both you and/or your friend are likely to have, but once again, although offering less to do, and having some lag issues online, this is a great game to play, be it online or in the same room. This probably isn’t nearly as much fun without the friend, however.

#8: HL2:DM:

If you both have computers, chances are that they can both run HL2:DM. Although this is an old game, and isn’t updated anymore, if you have an Nvidia or ATI graphics card, it’s FREE. There are still a good number of people who play it, and there are some co-op and puzzle servers, which can be a lot of fun to play with a friend. With no friend, it’s still a bunch of fun, too. Pretty much everyone who plays it is friendly. Here’s my old post with links: >>OLD POST<<

#7: Portal:

This is not an online game, I put this here strictly because it is awesome. The cake is a lie, goddamnit.

#6: Little Big Planet:

I think this is a good option, because I imagine a bunch of people got a PS3 this christmas, and don’t have any games for it yet. Since this is a GREAT online game, and lets you create levels and play them with your friends, plus a bunch of other stuff, this is probably the best option for those who both have a PS3. Plus, if you don’t have a friend to play with, you can just try playing user made levels with other people online.

#5: Mariokart Wii:

The multiplayer in this is great. Besides the obvious regular multiplayer, you can play online with 2 people on the same system, or compete with people’s ghosts, or play online with a friend who’s away. If they don’t have the game, but have a Wii, I’d seriously consider getting this for them. Plus all of the stuff mentioned if you don’t have a friend.

#4: Garrysmod:

This is a great multiplayer game. Downsides are that you have to already own a game like HL2 to play, and that unless you have HL2, HL2 ep1, HL2 ep2, and CS:S, you’re probably going to be missing some objects and textures. However, if your friend already owns a game like HL2, or if you don’t mind getting 2 games, this is probably one of my favorite things to play with a friend. You can build whatever you want, or try out one of the many cutsom gamemodes.. Most of it is more fun with a friend, but if you don’t have one, it’s still friggin’ awesome.

#3: TM: Nations:

TM Nations

This is the PERFECT option if you have a friend with a decent computer, and you want to play a game online with him, but have no money. Although there really aren’t many things that this game does with the multiplayer besides the level sharing, you can compete for the best time with your friend, or just try to beat everyone else. If he loses, don’t forget to rub it in his face. If you don’t have a friend, just rub the other people’s faces in it online. >>OLD POST<<

#2: L4D:

This is a great game for friends, because it really does require some level of co-operation. Although I don’t know much about the game, since my computer can’t run it, I do know that it’s fun. However, you both will need some decent computers. This is also fun in singleplayer.

#1: TF2:

Obviously. If you and your friend have a computer, or a good laptop, or whatever, this is probably the best game to get. It’s 20 bucks, and takes a little bit of time to get used to (learning about all of the classes, learning how to stop a spy, etc.) but learning is half the fun! Plus, being a heavy medic combo with a friend in arena is probably the most fun I’ve had in a while. If you have no friend, this is still a great game! >>OLD POST<<

Don’t forget that you can play with somebody on your steam community friends list!


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