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TF2 updates

Well, I’ve been feeling more addicted to TF2 than ever before, which probably is more bad than good, but the game is fun. So because I don’t have any other game to talk about, I’ve decided I might as well share my thoughts on the recent update (and new character pack coming up).

So, first of all, if you have no idea what TF2 is (and live under a rock..) You should go ahead and read my previous post on it, and then buy the game.

Now, the new update gives the engineer the ability to make level 3 teleporters and dispensers, along with having the spy’s cloak recharge with ammo. There are also some cool new effects for players who are over-healed, and for the little medic bubbles. (as a medic, I love how I can now judge if the player *actually* needs the heal now.)

The dispenser, when upgraded to level 2, gets a little more bulky and adds a little carton full of what I, after first seeing it, thought was flu medicine. It also heals a bit faster. When the dispenser gets to level 3, it adds a little heart-rate monitor which seems to just keep going even when nobody is around. Again, it heals a bit faster and gives out metal quicker.

When the teleporter is upgraded to level 2, it adds some sweet new effects, and recharges faster. At level 3, it starts looking like some kind of little laser light show, and goes a little crazy on effects (if you ask me). It recharges in a good 3 seconds.

Now, there isn’t a lot to say about the spy’s cloak, because you can pretty much figure everything out on your own. Small ammo boxes recharge the cloak only a little, large ammo boxes fully recharge it, and dispensers recharge it faster the higher level they are. One little trick I find hilarious to do, now that you can recharge your cloak with dispensers, is to stand on top of enemy dispensers cloaked and just stay there. You can just stay there as long as you want, and just wait until the moment is right to strike, or you can just see how long it takes before you’re noticed.

One more thing, the demoman’s stickies can be broken when shot. I haven’t actually noticed that this made any difference in playing as a demo yet, but it’s an interesting little change.

Now then, the new character pack is..


Not much news at all on this, but they do say on their blog:

The next class pack will be the Scout. One of the main goals we’re focusing on for him has been to provide tools that make him useful in maps like Dustbowl & Goldrush. If you have any ideas for what you think would work well, post them over on the Team Fortress 2 Forum and we’ll take a look.

They also say..

We are actively working on a massive XBox 360 update, which will include pretty much everything we’ve shipped on the PC in the last year. We’ll provide you with a rough date when we have one.

So if you have the Xbox 360 version of TF2, be looking forward to a giant update.

That’s pretty much it. If you don’t have the game, be sure to get it! here’s the link again..



One Response to “TF2 updates”

  1. If u stand on a dispenser cloaked the healing beam thing still goes into you, iv caught a few spies like this and i was wondering why they started, now i know šŸ˜›

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