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I can’t beleive I completely forgot to post this when I found it. On the other hand, it did give me something to write about today.

Although if I’d posted this earlier, maybe I would’ve ended up finding other things.. Or maybe the universe would explode, You never know.

Interact with photo realistic surroundings

Evolve in a fully physical world for an unprecedented depth of gameplay

Avoid absorbing use certain fruits and vegetables to
regenerate your water, experience proper object frictions,
control and move objects, etc.

Solve entertaining and simple physic-based puzzles that will
thrill your neurons and foster your ingenuity

Watch out for thirsty insects

Enjoy the 15 levels and 3 different modes that will
keep you hooked for hours!

Well, It’s a really awesome looking game. It’s also on steam now! so if you like steam, you’re in luck. There’s a free demo, and the full game costs 10$.

It’s not free.. but the demo is fun.




2 Responses to “I-Fluid”

  1. Hey,

    just wanned to say, I have been watching your blog for short time, but it really is good find and high-quality stuff, IMO. Your dedication to stick to blog subject in every post (not just posting “hey not really game related but I bought this pink shirt today” like everybody else do: ) is truly admirable.

    Happy christmas.

  2. Thanks! I try my best to stay on-topic, not just because It’s what the blog is ultimately about, but because I like to have an archive of cool games for people to look at. Some of my posts have a little more to do with current events (in videogames, at least), but for the most part I try to post things that won’t lose relevance after time.

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