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Truck dismount

An old game. I remember playing this quite a few years ago, but as long as it’s fun..

All you have to do is find the most painful way to crash that truck into the wall. You have two ramps to move around, and you can control the speed of the truck before it starts.

However, when I say ‘before it starts’, I really mean ‘before the truck starts doing anything’. This is the kind of game that makes you adjust everything before the actual crash starts, and press a button to activate the destruction.

That isn’t to say it’s not fun, hell no. I remember spending hours just seeing how much damage I could bring on that little ragdoll man.

Heh, I remember one time, I managed to get the truck’s wheel to bounce off of the ragdoll’s spine. That was awesome.

Oh, I also remember trying to truck vault the ragdoll over the wall. That was fun too.

Ah, good times.. >>TRUCK DISMOUNT<<


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