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I just found this on youtube. It’s pretty awesome.

It’s basically just another game that lets you build robots, similar to Incredibots, exept much more complex. There’s a tutorial on the website, and of course, the >>download link<<.

Personally, I’m happy that there are so many physics-based games out there today. Physics is fun.

However, I’m also curious about why exactly physics is fun in games. I mean, people generally don’t get excited by the idea of shattering glass in real life, but when somebody creates a gibbable prop in garrysmod, people will spam it hard. I’m thinking that it could just be that damage done to objects in games doesn’t cost anything, so people can break things without any consequences.. but at the same time, there are many examples of cloth physics that are pretty harmless, which people love. (When a cloth simulation is created, many enjoy that, but you don’t see anybody taking pieces of fabric and waving them around in real life.)

I really wish I could say for sure why physics in games is fun, but I just can’t reach a conclusion.


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