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I took a break from posting for thanksgiving, I needed to prepare for the amount of leftover turkey!

Even after all the planning, I still could not have even come close to finding ways to make use of all that turkey.

And don’t get me started on the pasta. D:

Anyways, during all the planning and renting forklifts to make room for the turkey, I came across a few cool games. So I decided I would either save them so that I don’t have to do work looking for something cool, or just use them all at once to make up for the lack of posts. I couldn’t decide on one, so I did what any sane person would do under those circumstances, I flipped a coin!

Well, turns out I’m being lazy. Sorry.

Hey, my first daily after-thanksgiving game is a good one! (by the way, that’s the title for my idea, daily after-thanksgiving games, hopefully it will make my efficient idea sound fun!)

So, without any further delays, I give you..



  • very easy to control
  • unique and addicting gameplay
  • realtime physics engine
  • different crayons draw different materials
  • use flexible yarn strings to connect things
  • pin things, so that they stay in place
  • several different sorts of paper
  • underwater like levels
  • space levels without the help of gravity
  • unlimited possibilities with the level editor
  • supports pressure sensitive graphic tablets
  • share your creations with others (soon)
  • 10 beautiful ambient music tracks
  • for all ages

It’s a crayon physics rip-off. In fact, it sounds more like crayon physics with a fake moustache.

It’s got a free demo, and you can buy a full version.

Oh well, as long as it’s fun.

Here is a youtube channel with a bunch of videos..

and >>HERE<< is the website, with a download link.


One Response to “I WAS GONE; NOW I AM NOT”

  1. hey do you know how to post flash games on here? i can’t find anywhere, except the fact that every game says “just copy this code, and its all done!” the code doesnt do anything! help me plz!

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