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lol Mirror’s Edge

Yuss, Mirror’s edge is out.

I’m probably going to get this soon, maybe.

Admittedly that video was released a while ago, but I’m still fairly certain the game is out. So yeah, That’s good news.


I wonder when I’m going to get this. I hope it’s soon. Should I go ahead and celebrate? Or is that going too far? I wonder how long It’ll take me to beat the game.. I sure hope it’s not too short, but I don’t want it to get boring.. I wonder how hard the game will get.. I don’t want to be challenged too much, but if it’s too easy I’ll start to get bored.. On the other hand if it’s hard the amount of time I spend on it will probably end up being greater, after all the retries.. Will the combat be very good? I couldn’t really tell very well from just fighting those two enemies in the demo.. 😐


2 Responses to “lol Mirror’s Edge”

  1. video link is dead, please update πŸ™‚

  2. funny, just moments after it is up again πŸ˜•

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