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Cortex Command Update + powder

After looking at Fun-Motion and reading a comment on my blog about it, I’ve decided that Cortex Command deserves a new post after so many updates.

For those of you who don’t know what Cortex Command is, my old post should help you.


Those rocks are pretty…

Anyways, a bunch of new stuff has come out since my last post on this, almost too much to list. I’ll try my best to give you a good idea of how much, but I can’t promise you’ll be able to understand the amount of awesome that has been injected into this game since I last wrote about it. Actually, looking at the new features for build 22, it pretty much sums up most of what they’ve done since then!

How convenient!

  • TONS of new official weapons and actors implemented thanks to new content producers Capnbubs and Numgun – most of the balancing, costs, and audio effects are still works in progress.
  • Lots of new exclusive and amazing in-game music thanks to DannyB of dB Soundworks. More on this later!
  • Completely new, completely awesome full-blown mission with almost completely hand-painted environment!
  • Vastly more interesting and reactive AI actor behavior
  • AI GO-TO mode waypoints can lock onto moving actors – make squads move in groups!
  • 2X Windowed mode for easier to read fonts and screen action
  • Buy menu lists are now grouped into data modules/factions
  • Description popups for almost every item
  • Items and actors can now be loaded into Craft!
  • New installer will ask if you want to remove EVERYTHING or leave your installed mods and settings

Now, even though I can’t actually think of anything else new after that list, I’m probably missing some stuff.

Just take my word for it, this game has been awesometized since my last post about it.

>>DEV LOG (+download links)<<

Now then, if none of that is news to you, I have another thing to show you:!

It’s a powder art game! yay!

All you do is press c to select a color of sand, and click to pour it on the screen! It’s that simple!

(by the way, the pic is my beautiful work of powder after 2 minutes of art-making.)



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